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Become career ready
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Our Career Certification Programs are reasonably priced and provide great training possibilities to update or retrain you for the job skills needed in today’s workplace.

The Adult Career Center MCCTC provides adult courses in the following programs:

Career Certification Programs - One Year Option: Career Certification Programs are designed to help the adult learner gain the confidence and skills necessary to enter today’s workplace. Students will be prepared to sit for an Industry Credentials on completion of the Career Certification Programs.

Career Enhancement: Career Enhancement Courses enable the adult learner to stay current in the ever changing industry trends.

Special Interest: Special Interest Classes are for the enjoyment of the community and include foreign languages classes, cooking classes, computer classes, mat cutting classes to name a few.  Come join other adults looking for personal development.

Customized Training:  The Adult Career Center is committed to helping all employers in the Mahoning Valley upgrade employees’ skills necessary in today’s workplace. The size of the business does not matter nor does the place of the training – Adult Career Center MCCTC or at your business site.

Reinvent yourself through the Adult Career Center MCCTC.


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We'll work side by side with you to tailor design hands-on training specific to the needs of your business and scheduled for your convenience.

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