Position Email
Brad Andrella Truck & Diesel Instructor Contact
Lisa Argiro Cosmetology Instructor Contact
Walter Baber Engineering/PLTW Instructor Contact
Cassandra Bair VOSE/Intervention Specialist Contact
Joy Barnett Payroll Secretary Contact
Priscilla Beck Academic Intervention Specialist Contact
Phillip Bellotta Exercise Science/Athletic Training Instructor Contact
Steve Bennett Information Technology Instructor Contact
Terry  Billock English Teacher Contact
Heather Bionci Math Teacher Contact
Mark Brooker Electricity Instructor Contact
Matthew Campbell CBI Instructor (Stationed at Poland HS) Contact
Cynthia Carosella AE Secretary Contact
Gina Carzoli School Nurse Contact
Kim Chaney AE Financial Aid Coordinator Contact
Marina Ciccone Silvestri Intervention Specialist Contact
Kasey Clark Special Education Instructor Contact
Dustin  Cramer Math Teacher Contact
Anthony Cycyk English Teacher Contact
Scott Davis West Branch CBI Instructor Contact
Christl DeNiro Hospitality Instructor Contact
Diane Dickerhoof Central Office Secretary Contact
Jeff Eisenbraun Math Specialist Contact
Mary June Emerson Horticulture Instructor Contact
Jason Eshelman Custodian Contact
Theresa Feeney Head Cook Contact
Josephine Foster Health Science Tech Prep Instructor Contact
Carol Fountaine Science Teacher Contact
Stephanie Francis Intervention Specialist Contact
Andrew Frost Public Safety Coordinator Contact
Sandy Furano AE Customized Office Skills Training Coordinator Contact
Rosie Gee Cafeteria Helper Contact
Liz Geric Superintendent's Secretary Contact
Donna Greer English Teacher Contact
Melinda Grimm Social Studies Teacher Contact
Melissa Hackett Interactive Multi-Media Instructor Contact
Charlotte Haldiman Custodian Contact
Mary Hall Cafeteria Helper Contact
Rebecca Harris AE HRD/DIT Coordinator Contact
Linda Hartford MCOE PreSchool Contact
Sandi Henchar AE Secretary Contact
Gary Hoelzel Math Teacher Contact
Jane Hogan Academic Director Contact
Diana Holzer Medical Occupations Instructor Contact
Anina Karlovic Social Studies Teacher Contact
Blaise Karlovic Treasurer Contact
Cara  Kelty Student Activity Secretary Contact
Thomas Kempe Career Tech Supervisor Contact
Jim Kirk Director of Maintenance Custodial Services Contact
Alissa Kolar English Teacher Contact
Jackie Kuffel Career Development Supervisor Contact
Chuck Laird Custodian Contact
Valerie Lemme Technology Secretary Contact
Bill Long Technology Supervisor Contact
Michael Lutz Manufacturing Technology/Precision Machining Instructor Contact
Mary Angela Mihalopoulos ABLE Instructor Contact
Bob Miller Science Teacher Contact
Dennis Naples Welding Instructor Contact
Michelle Naymick VOSE Coordinator Contact
Julie Pagnotta Early Childhood Education Instructor Contact
Will Parker Social Studies Teacher Contact
Karen Perry AE Medical Assistant Instructor Contact
Matthew Putzier Culinary Arts Instructor Contact
Jane Rich Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer Contact
Michael Robinson Placement Coordinator Contact
J. Ronghi Custodian Contact
R. Roseman Custodian Contact
Scott Rowe Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor Contact
Adrienne Sabo Media Relations Contact
Noreen Sabo Guidance Secretary Contact
Joe Sander Collision Repair Instructor Contact
Ralph Sandy Assistant Principal Contact
Heather Sankey Intervention Specialist Contact
JoAnn Santillo Computer Education Coordinator Contact
J. Schaffer Custodian Contact
Kathy Schlarb AE Supervisor Contact
Sheree  Serbin Attendance Secretary Contact
Marc Silvestri Automotive Tech Instructor Contact
Helen Slack Information Technology Instructor Contact
Tom Slaven Biotechnology Instructor Contact
Dave Smith Bldg Remodeling & Maintenance Instructor Contact
Michael Stepp Intervention Specialist Contact
Valerie Sullivan Guidance Counselor Contact
Mary Ann Thoburn Interactive Multi-Media Instructor Contact
Jerry Thompson Public Safety Instructor Contact
Patti Thorsby Science Teacher Contact
Deb Towns Guidance Counselor Contact
Lisa Truitt Career Development Secretary Contact
Aloise Wertz Math Teacher Contact
Mary Williams English Teacher Contact
Nathan Wilson Science Teacher Contact
Aaron Young SRO - Canfield Police Contact
John Zehentbauer Career Technical Director Contact